Quickly and easily transform your outdoor space, without breaking the bank.


If you are looking for affordable screening that looks great and is capable of handling Australia’s most demanding conditions, then Weathertex decorative timber screens offer an excellent option.

Sanctum Weathertex timber screens are eco-friendly, 100% Australian grown and made, and can be cut in a wide range of designs to give an exceptional looking, very versatile screening option.

And just in case all those benefits weren’t enough, Weathertex decorative timber screens are around half the price of aluminium, so the value is extraordinary.

Sanctum offers FACTORY DIRECT PRICING on Weathertex timber screens – proudly 100% Australian made for Australian conditions, and shipped Australia-wide.

We carry hundreds of Weathertex timber screens in all popular designs, sizes and colours ready for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY, or we can CUSTOM MAKE TO ORDER with 2-3 week turnaround.
And now, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY,  you can enjoy even sharper savings with our WORKSHOP CLEARANCE on ALL FLOOR STOCK – the best possible FACTORY DIRECT PRICING on all Sanctum decorative timber screens at our lowest ever advertised prices.


Weathertex covers their products with a 25-year warranty against rot, bloat and delamination – an indication of the quality of the base material.

We offer a 7-year warranty on Sanctum weathertex timber screens on the same terms – simply because we cut so many holes in them.

When properly installed, you can be confident of their durability and longevity.


  • Weathertex Australian hardwood timber – EXTERIOR RATED FOR OUTDOOR USE.
  • Standard sizes available – many ready to install, double-coated in our specially formulated protective coating in your choice of rustic brown, chocolate or black finishes, or supplied as raw timber, ready to coat.
  • Custom sizes to order in 2 – 3 weeks supplied cut, sanded, cleaned and ready to coat.


Weathertex is 97% Australian hardwood timber and 3% natural wax for water repellency, with no other chemicals added.  The result is a superbly durable, natural product with a healthy green edge, perfect for homeowners, builders and landscapers looking for a high-quality, environmentally conscious material.

  • Australian made and owned.
  • Better than zero carbon footprint.
  • 100% natural: 97% natural timber and
    3% natural wax.
  • Termite resistant: all sugars and starches removed.
  • No chemical additives: no artificial glues, resins or formaldehydes and no silicas.

Weathertex is engineered as an external cladding product (so no problems using our screens outdoors) and has been used to build tens of thousands of Australian homes over more than 40 years.  It’s a proven and trusted, 100% Australian brand.

We simply order a custom configuration of the board from the factory, and then add our artistic touch, in either standard or custom sizing.

We supply these screens raw and ready to coat.  They are a natural reddy-brown colour when supplied, and will fade off over time without coating.  For best results, they should be oiled or painted to suit.

See our side note on coating and maintenance. 

While stocks last, we also have a few hundred standard Sanctum decorative timber screens available
PRE-COATED, and IN-STOCK, AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY, in your choice of Rustic Brown, Chocolate, or Black timber finishes.

Once sold, we will no longer have pre-coated screens available (due to space limitations in our workshop).


Sanctum Weathertex timber screens are a high-quality, solid panel, machine sanded to 8.5mm thickness.

All Sanctum decorative timber screens have a ‘face side’ that has a slightly smoother, more refined finish (when manufacturing the board, a finer chopped pulp is added to one side prior to rolling).  For best results, mount this face to the side that will receive the most visible exposure.  

Like all large sheets of material (plywood, aluminium, polycarbonate etc), there is some natural flex in the sheet. 

For maximum durability, Weathertex timber screens should be fixed to solid frames at maximum 600mm intervals around the screen perimeter to provide a secure fixing and eliminate this flex.

You can make your own frames from timber, steel or aluminium, or fix to a wall or posts – just make sure all edges are fully supported. 

Sanctum also provide a range of aluminium framing options, as well as standoffs and spacers to fit Sanctum timber screens onto a flat wall.  

Weathertex timber screens are
and should not be used for load bearing or reinforcement. All installation should be onto an appropriate frame or backing.


Sanctum decorative timber screens offer a creative screening option at a surprisingly affordable price.
For long term durability, you simply need to eliminate the flex in the screen. We recommend fixing your screens to a solid surface (e.g. a wall or a frame) around the perimeter at maximum 600mm between fixings.

Here are a few options Sanctum offers to help you achieve an exceptional result with your timber screens.


Mounting and framing options include either a HIDDEN FRAME – fix directly onto 40 x 40mm aluminium powder coated frame, 45mm screen border hides frame.
Fix every 600mm around the perimeter with galvanised panhead screws.


Aluminium powder coated frame with hidden reveal, the screen sits into a rebated channel.

If you are screwing into a frame, then we recommend using galvanised panhead screws. These provide a secure fixing, without countersinking into the surface of your screen.

We can supply these to screw to either a timber frame or a metal frame, and can powder coat them to match the colour of your screen.



If you would like to mount your screen more than 25mm off the wall, we can supply a similar system to our standoffs. We cut 19mm aluminium tube to your desired length (up to 65mm) to be used as the spacer behind the screen. We then supply polished chrome finished decorative caps which hide the screwhead, and give a very similar visual effect to our 25mm standoffs.



One of the best features of Sanctum decorative timber screens are the shadows that the screens throw, which shift constantly as the light source changes. If you are mounting your screen onto a wall, then we can supply solid stainless steel standoffs, which conceal all screwheads and fix your screen securely off the wall. Simply screw the standoff base to the wall, then drill through the screen, insert and finger tighten the standoff cap onto the base.  Allow one standoff per 600mm of perimeter for best results.



Sanctum decorative timber screens are supplied raw and ready-to-coat, with your choice of paint or decking oil.
(Please see footnote on remaining stocks of pre-coated screens.)

For a natural timber finish, use any good quality decking oil, and apply two coats.  

For painting, use a tannin resistant / stain blocking primer (a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 prep coat available from any good paint shop), followed by your choice of top coat.

There are many amazing coatings available, and this gives you the freedom to create the exact effect you want.

They hold paint well, but please note they are fiddly due to all the cut-outs and mixed angles. Good quality spray equipment is recommended, although excellent results can also be achieved with a brush and / or roller.

INSIDER INSIGHT >  If you are using a roller, a little-known tip for a quick, good quality job is to use a foam or short nap roller, quite dry.  Simply roll the roller in the coating, then squeeze it out with a rubber glove before rolling the face of the screen.  You don’t want loads of coating getting caught on the edges of the cutouts, as it will drip and run for hours. 

Over time, Sanctum screens will weather or grey like natural timber and THE NATURAL TANNINS MAY LEACH COLOUR – particularly in the early stages of their lifespan.

Periodic maintenance is recommended using the original coating, or any good quality decking oil / paint, which will quickly restore the screens’ natural good looks.

While you can be confident Sanctum screens will serve you well for many years, we recommend that you check the fitment and condition of your screens at least annually.

Reaffix any loose fastenings and recoat any weathered surfaces with your chosen coating.

For naturally finished boards, we recommend that you apply at least one coat of a high-quality decking oil (or equivalent painted coating) to all surfaces of the screens at least every 24 months.

This will significantly enhance the lifespan of your screens.


We still have limited stocks of pre-coated screens – supplied pre-finished and ready-to-use, protected by two coats of our premium finish to highlight the panel’s natural colour, maximise durability and make installation as easy as possible. Simply unpack and fix into place.
These will need maintenance from time-to-time – simply use any good quality decking oil to refresh and bring your screens up looking new again.