If you are involved in commercial projects or the building trade, you will understand fully that successful property development and sales is heavily dependent on your ability to create difference – finding ways to infuse value and aesthetic appeal by lifting the quality of your projects, and positioning them uniquely in the marketplace.

At Sanctum, we understand the real-world needs of commercial and trade clients – developers and builders, architects and designers, landscapers, pool builders, fabricators and fencing contractors, and the many associated industries – and we are here to help.

We have decades of combined experience in this space, thousands of successful screening projects behind us, and a consuming passion for what we do.   Over the years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of commercial and trade customers to help achieve those outcomes.  We’d also love to partner with you to make your next project a spectacular success.


Sanctum offers SPECIAL TRADE PRICING BENEFITS on the FULL SANCTUM PRODUCT RANGE.   In addition, we also provide commercial and trade clients with a RANGE OF DESIGN SERVICES AND ACTIVITIES to help you offer your customers a whole new level of professional design service.

Here are just some of the ways Sanctum can add passion, design flair and value to your next commercial or trade project…

  • CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICES – Design consultations, CAD design, rendered drawings, custom screening artwork.
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE FABRICATION – premium quality materials, large scale projects, hero feature pieces, custom installations, custom coatings, gates and entry statements.
  • COMPLIANCE – screening densities, pool safety compliance, non-climbability, fire retardation / BAL compliance, security.
  • DISPLAY HOME AND SALES CENTRE FITOUTS – display screening and architectural elements, feature pieces, gates, bifold and sliding panels.
  • SPECIAL PROJECTS – when you require a creative and versatile design and fabrication team.
  • ARCHITECTS / DESIGNERS – building facades and entries, feature pieces, on-site presentations, custom projects.
  • LANDSCAPING – screening and privacy, gates and fences, statement pieces, shade structures.
  • FENCING CONTRACTORS / SUPPLIERS – standard and custom fence panels, pool fencing, feature screens, gates and accessories.  
  • FABRICATORS – We supply the screens.  You supply the clients, the framing and the installation… and you become the superhero for delivering such an exceptional job!   Screens precision-cut to your specifications – millimetre perfect and incredible detail – and supplied raw or powder coated.   How much easier could it be?


If you are in the building / landscaping / fabrication industry and would like to register for TRADE PRICING BENEFITS, and / or explore ways to work with Sanctum on your next project, then please register your details below, and we will make contact to assist with your enquiry. 


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