Aluminium Screens


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Aluminium screening options

Aluminium screening offers the ultimate in low maintenance versatility.

Aluminium is lightweight, durable, low maintenance, and can be fabricated into an infinite number of screening and architectural options.

Select your screens and installation options – we can then customise to suit your specific application, and powder coat in your choice of more than 100 powder coat colours.


High end in-house design and fabrication facilities

One of Sanctum’s main strengths is our deep in-house design and fabrication capabilities, with more than 50 years of combined experience.

Our art team have decades of real world commercial design experience, and we go to exceptional lengths to add the detail to achieve spectacular results.

Specialist services include:

  • Combining multiple different panels into continuous lengths of spectacular artwork
  • Transforming screens into workable structures like sliding doors, gates and fence panels, and bespoke furniture.
  • Custom fabrication of specialist frames and fittings for specific projects, including bollards, disabled gates, pavilions and pergolas, and the like.

It starts with design and doesn’t stop until it’s perfect – attention to detail is what clearly differentiates an average screening job from an exceptional one – things like welded corners in folded screens, colour matched fixings, custom fitted mounting brackets and installation options, and functional solutions to accommodate tolerances and specialist installations.

A generous dose of perfectionist OCD is supplied free with every job!


Flexible installation options

Most of our screens are cut from high grade 1200 or 1500mm wide sheets of 3mm aluminium, and we have the capacity to cut screens up to 6000mm in length.

For heavy duty applications like pergola roofs, and for commercial installations, we will commonly use 4mm marine grade aluminium, delivering a supremely high quality, ultra-durable result with exceptional rigidity.

One of the virtues of aluminium screening is the ability to fold as required. Folding creates rigidity and allows for a smooth seamless effect with minimal need for additional framing.

By folding the edges, you can convert screens into fence panels, fence extensions, wall art or lightboxes.

Larger structures like bin or pool pump enclosures can be built using a combination of folded screens and posts.

Or we can supply a range of framing options, allowing any Sanctum screen to be used in gates, sliding and bi-fold doors, pergola structures and the like.

To discover how aluminium screening can be used to work magic at your place, contact Sanctum and talk to an experienced professional today.