Multi-panel screens

Sanctum multi-panel screens deliver some exciting new design options

Achieve instant impact with Sanctum’s very smart multi-panel screens.  Rather than just have a single screen repeated multiple times in large scale installations, Sanctum offers several designs with multiple panels that link together to form walls of flowing artwork.


In installations using Sanctum multi panel screens, the design crosses from one panel to the next in a continuous flow of imagery – creating some seriously impressive large murals and garden art installations.

Install two screens side by side to create one oversize piece of garden art, or extend multiple panels seamlessly for longer installations.

Sanctum has several designs available in multiple panel repeating patterns – an A and a B version of the screen design are installed consecutively, so a flowing design can continue indefinitely.   The visual impact is particularly impressive on leafy designs like Madagascar, Panama, Saigon and Jabiru, and random designs like the Bora Bora.

If you want to go to the next level, we can modify multiple panels, so that each panel is totally different, and you can easily create and assemble a giant piece of garden art without any technical knowledge.

Sanctum can provide easy DIY guidance on building simple timber frames to mount your screens on, or can take away all the hard work and fabricate powder-coated aluminium frames to fit your multi-panel installation perfectly.

We can also turn multiple screen installations into large sliding vehicular gates, to transform your front entrance into a truly unique and personal statement.

All the hard work is done for you – all you need to do is make sure the panels are installed in the correct sequence and orientation.

Available in either Australian hardwood timber or a range of metal screen options, these multi-panel installations offer a personalised custom installation effect without breaking the bank.

These multi-panel options are available exclusively from Sanctum.   If you wish to take advantage of these options, make sure you clearly specify your requirements at time of quoting / ordering.