Thank you for your interest in Sanctum screens.
Following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions…

What are your timber screens made of?

They are made of a manufactured board using 100% Australian plantation grown hardwood.  The board is an exterior cladding board which has been used in the construction of thousands of Australian homes, and has stood the test of time over decades – we simply use it in a different way.

Can you use Sanctum timber screens outdoors? 

Absolutely.  All our screens are 100% Australian grown and made for Australian conditions, and are designed for outdoor use.

Do you make custom screens?

Yes we do.  The most economical way to buy our screens is to purchase from our range of popular sizes and styles, which make best use of our preferred materials and our equipment.   However we can resize or rescale, change materials, change designs or cut your supplied design to order.  Simply supply us with your requirements, and we can provide a budget and timeline.

Do you offer framing and mounting options?

Yes we do.  We provide a range of timber and aluminium framing options – we can help you build your own frames, or we can supply them complete and ready to install.  Stand-outs are also available, which allow you to mount your screens off the wall to maximise the shadowing effect, which is very popular.  We also supply backing boards and lighting to order.

What is involved in resizing screens?  

Our equipment has been set up to cut a range of standard designs and sizes.  We can change this setup, which involves creating new artwork, confirming your approval, resetting the machine, and managing a custom job through a busy workshop.  There is a cost involved in this process, which simply covers the additional time added to the job.   We will quote you this at the time of order.

What are your sheet sizes?

Our maximum sheet size for timber screens is 3600 x 1200mm. Our most common size for metal screens is 2400 x 1200mm, although larger sizes can be arranged to custom order.

How much do your screens weigh? 

There is significant variation in weights, depending on material used, the design selected and the amount of material removed through the cutting process.  Typically, our timber screens weigh 4 – 5kg per 1200 x 600mm screen, and our large 2400 x 1200mm screens weigh around 20kg ea.

What is your lead time?  

We typically take 7 – 10 days to complete your order, plus delivery time.  We do carry some screens in stock for immediate shipment.  Deliveries in peak times and special / complex orders can take longer – we will aim to give you an indication at the time of booking your order.

What are your payment terms? 

We require a 50% deposit on placement of your order, with the balance prior to shipping, or on supply.  We will commence work on custom artwork / cutting once your deposit has been received.

How are your prices calculated? 

We use a simple system based on the size of the screen and the available sheet size, and the finishing processes involved e.g. coating, framing, lighting.  While there is significant variation in cutting times for the various designs, we simply average it out to keep it simpler for everyone.

What is your delivery process?  

We use several courier / delivery options, depending on the order and the destination.  We always look to minimise delivery costs without compromising quality of the service, but our first priority is in finding providers who will handle your screens with respect. We pack our screens well prior to shipping.  You should not accept goods damaged in transit, and should advise us of any damage immediately upon receiving your delivery.

Do you deliver interstate?

Yes, we regularly ship to customers all over Australia.

Do you have interstate distributors?

We are a relatively new business, and we are steadily growing our network of distributors and stockists Australia-wide.  We also happily sell direct, and can post product samples on request.

What maintenance is required? 

As a natural timber product, our screens will require periodic maintenance.  The coating we use will slowly fade and weather off, but does not layer or peel, so recoating is a straightforward process, with any quality decking oil or preservative.

Do your screens bleed or leach colour?  

From experience, we have found leaching from our screens to be very minimal. However, all hardwood timbers contain tannins, which may leach and cause some staining to white / light surfaces for a period after installation.  This is most likely after periods of heavy rain.  We do use hardwoods in some of our framing which is known to leach – so we treat this timber during our manufacturing with sap-strip, which removes the tannins and significantly reduces leaching.  Once any tannins have leached out, this process will not reoccur.

What is involved with installation?

Sanctum screens are designed to be very simple to install using basic woodworking tools.  They can easily be sawn, sanded, drilled, nailed, screwed or glued.  We have various guides available on request, or we are happy to help with suggestions on how you can make the most of your new screens.

Like any thin sheet timber products (like plywood), our large screens will have some flex along their length, and for maximum screen life, it is essential that this flex is eliminated during the installation.  Your screens will crack if you bend them too much.  The easiest way to stop any flex is to mount your screens onto a frame around all the borders.   It is recommended that two people carry and install the large screens, and that they are carried vertically, so that flex is minimised.   With proper installation and modest periodic care, our screens have proven extremely robust.  To date, we have never had a reported issue after installation.