Sanctum screens – the easy and affordable way to enhance any outdoor space 

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Every home owner is looking for ways to enhance the appeal and functionality of their property and add value – simply and without fuss.  That’s what Sanctum screens are all about.

Our aim was to create a product that is great looking, ultra-affordable, and very, very easy to use… and Sanctum screens deliver on every level.

Sanctum combines a love of design with a passion for property to create a range of great looking, easy-to-use architectural panels, feature and privacy screens, perfect for a variety of uses throughout your home – indoors or out.   Here’s what makes Sanctum screens special…

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS:   Sanctum screens are made from a premium quality manufactured timber product using 100% Australian plantation hardwood – tough enough to be used virtually anywhere.

STRIKING DESIGN:  Sanctum offers a range of different designs and size options, created to enhance virtually every property, with our product range updated from time to time to keep them fresh and different. We are commonly told by people that these screens look like metal, and customers are delighted at the visual impact and tactile appeal (not to mention their added delight when they find out how affordable the timber alternative is!).

FLEXIBILITY:   Use one screen on a wall or as a hero feature in a garden bed, or use multiple screens to create privacy or sun screens… courtyards… fences… whatever… Usage is limited only by imagination!  We supply screens in a standard 1200mm x 600mm panel, as well as 2400mm x 1200mm, 1800mm x 1200mm and 1800 x 900mm as standard.   We can also make custom sizes and configurations, and supply screens in other materials including architectural grade aluminium composite panel, powder coated aluminium and corten steel.  If you can imagine it, you can have it.  Now that’s flexible!

EASE OF USE:  Sanctum screens are designed for rapid installation in any outdoor (or indoor) environment, and are perfect for both trade and DIY installations.   They are supplied pre-finished and ready-to-install (or sanded and ready-to-paint / stain by special order), and can easily be cut, drilled, nailed, screwed or glued using basic woodworking tools.

DURABILITY:  With modest maintenance, Sanctum screens are guaranteed to offer many years of natural good looks.

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS:  Sanctum screens are 100% Australian made and owned.  As a 100% natural product made from Australian hardwood timber with zero carbon footprint, Sanctum screens offer a sustainable, green alternative.

AFFORDABILITY:    Compare for yourself and you’ll find Sanctum Screens offer a remarkably economical way to add instant impact to your outdoor space, with highly individual pieces of wall art available now from as little as $50, and 1200mm x 600mm screens available from just $67 (Please send me current Sanctum pricing).

When you weigh up the many advantages and our extremely affordable pricing, Sanctum screens deliver premium quality and remarkable value for money.

While we obviously want to share the Sanctum Screens story with the world, we also want to maintain a little individuality and ensure that Sanctum customers enjoy something a little more exclusive than a product mass-marketed through the big chain stores.

We are selectively building a network of garden and landscaping outlets and timber merchants who will stock and supply Sanctum screens.  While we do this, we also sell direct.  Simply supply us with details of your needs, and we’ll be happy to provide you with your choice of screens.  Smiles are free.

So, that’s the one page Sanctum story.  Now it’s time to go exploring


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