Palau Wall Sculptures

The Palau Collection was designed so they can be used individually or as a group to create a stunning interior or exterior wall mural.

Each piece can be sized to specific measurements and cut from timber or aluminium. We can supply RAW – ready to paint or coat them in-house in either a rust look brown or black finish. Please contact us for pricing options – we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our panels and screens are.

Designs - Palau Collection

CASE STUDY – Bank of Queensland Office Display

We recently installed a stunning 6 metre display for the Bank of Queensland’s Corporate Lending Centre in Mooloolaba. On collaboration with our client, we decided to incorporate the turquoise and golden sand colours used throughout the office and spray painted the panels with metallic paint in aqua, silver, gold and turquoise. The result was simply breathtaking. Our lovely client added their own touch with a Nemo peeping out amongst the coral.