Outdoor Timber Decorative + Privacy Screens

Create instant privacy with a simple screen made from our decorative feature and privacy panels.

Everyone has their own space, and everyone’s style is different.

That’s why Sanctum screens offers a steadily growing range of designs and sizes, to ensure that there is the perfect screen there to help you quickly and easily transform your outdoor space, without breaking the bank.

Select your favourite design, then choose the size to suit.

Our flexible product range ensures you can create your perfect solution virtually off the shelf, with our ultra-practical 1200 x 600mm,  or our larger range of 2400 x 1200mm, 1800 x 1200mm, 1800 x 900mm screens all offering hero size screens at surprisingly affordable prices.

Custom sizes are no big issue… we can resize or rescale any of our screens to suit – right up to 3600mm x 1200mm.

We can even change materials – from timber (our most popular) to aluminium, steel or even acrylics.

So many options, all available now.   So which Sanctum screen will you choose to transform your outdoor space?

Sanctum 1200 x 600mm modular screens are our original favourite – in a range of different design options and finishes.   Affordable, oh-so-easy to use, and can easily be shipped anywhere in Australia at surprisingly economical rates.



Alternately, we can resize most of these designs to suit your custom requirements.   Send us your details and we’ll help you work out a solution that fits you perfectly.

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