Custom Designs

Create your own unique style statement… any design…
any size… any material…

Our ‘giant’ schnauzer Scarlett showcasing the flexibility of our custom designs and sizing…

One of the amazing advantages of the latest cutting technologies is that the results are limited only by your imagination.

Sanctum focuses on producing outdoor designer screens in a range of popular sizes and configurations at extremely competitive prices.

However, if you have a specialist requirement, or want something a bit different, then we can simply introduce you to the crew at Cutterpillar – Sanctum’s sister business.

Cutterpillar specialises in precision computer cutting, and can design and manufacture any specialist pieces, including custom made privacy screens, achictectural panels and unique art pieces to order.

You are welcome to provide your own artwork / specifications, or we have high level art facilities in-house to deliver stunning and unique results.  (We do have specific art requirements – please contact us for detailed instructions.)

Cutterpillar uses the latest in precision computer-cutting technologies to deliver your art on virtually any material in virtually any thickness, including:

  • Timber
  • Polished or brushed aluminium
  • Corten steel (specially designed to surface rust for the contemporary / industrial look)
  • Powdercoated steel or aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastics

We can also offer custom cutting of any commercial / industrial requirements.

If you have any custom cutting requirement, please contact Cutterpillar
for a confidential discussion on your upcoming project.

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