Aluminium frames deliver easy installation options

Aluminium frames make installing Sanctum screens quick and easy

Noosa screens on 40 x 40mm aluminium frames with legs and backing board

Noosa 1800 x 900mm screens on 40 x 40mm aluminium frame with legs and backing board

Sanctum screens are designed as a DIY product, perfect for home handymen and trade installers alike.  Our aim is to deliver you amazing results – quickly and affordably.

One of the most often questions we get asked is ‘These look awesome – so how do I install them?’. Now here’s an option that takes all the hard work away, and allows anyone to achieve a stunning result literally within a couple of hours.

Sanctum now offers a range of pre-fabricated aluminium frames, delivering truly instant transformation.  

Feature panels… Boundary fences and dividers… Fence extensions… Gates… Lightboxes… Bin enclosures… Wall and garden art… Infill panels… Internal screens… Balcony screens… Restaurants and cafes… Pool features and pool pump enclosures… Office dividers… Balcony end panels… and more…

If you have a specific need for privacy or feature screening, we can now provide the screens AND the pre-finished aluminium frames to deliver you a quick and easy installation option.

Here’s how it works

  • We use robust 40 x 40mmx 3mm aluminium to make frames the exact size of your screens and or your custom requirements.   This provides a great looking, very secure and durable installation option.
  • We can add wall fixings (so you can screw them straight onto a wall or fence), legs (so you can concrete them into the ground) and / or feet (so you can bolt them to a slab or deck).
  • We powdercoat your aluminium frames to match your screens and / or your home, delivering you a virtually maintenance free framing option.
  • The border on your screens is 45mm wide, so when you screw your screen to the 40mm frame, your frame is hidden from the face, and becomes virtually invisible.
  • For added impact, you can add a backing board to the back of the aluminium frame, and paint this your desired colour – Subtle contrast for discreet, upmarket effect, or bright and vibrant for extra impact.

Our 40 x 40mm aluminium frames are our most popular option.   However, if you would prefer a visible frame, we have other options, including a 40 x 40mm with a reveal, and a 50 x 50mm option with reveal – both perfect options for gates.  Email / call for more details.

For a quick and easy complete screen solution, simply:

1.       Select your screen/s

2.       Simply select your frame/s (or custom order to suit)

3.       Order

4.       Unwrap and bolt / screw in place – job done!