Sanctum explores new options in affordable DIY screens

Sanctum's 1200 x 600mm Zanzibar design offers an easy and affordable screening solution with exceptional effectiveness

Sanctum’s 1200 x 600mm Zanzibar screen design offers an easy and affordable screening solution with exceptional effectiveness

After working alongside architects and builders for many years while developing the materials to present and market premium properties, the team at Ideastream saw an opportunity to combine their love of the artistic realm with their passion for property, and deliver affordable computer cut design services to the mainstream market.

Sanctum screens is the result.

Rather than focusing on custom designs, Sanctum focused on designing a range of panel designs that would complement most Australian architectural styles, and then allow the customer to purchase and apply these as a DIY product in their own garden or landscape environment.

Extensive research was done to identify a product that offered long term, all-weather durability and environmental friendliness without breaking the bank.  A premium quality manufactured timber product using 100% Australian plantation hardwood tailings proved ideal, and after extensive refinement, the Sanctum Screens brand was born.

Today, Sanctum offers a range of 8 screen designs in a standard 1200mm x 600mm configuration, as well as smaller 600mm x 600mm feature panels, which can all be used in a multitude of exterior applications.   Screens are cut, sanded and pre-finished in a premium grade protective coating which highlights the natural appeal of timber.

Home owners can use a single screen as a feature panel in a garden or alfresco area, or can use multiple panels to create courtyards, privacy screens, fences, or to hide unwanted elements like a garden shed.

Significantly, by embracing smart production and marketing techniques and leveraging technology to keep labour costs to a minimum, Sanctum have been able to deliver a 100% Australian grown and made product to the market, with prices starting from under $100 per screen.

For details on the Sanctum Screens range, please visit, email or call Mark on 0438 847 466.  Trade enquiries are welcome.

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